45 days!

It’s only 45 days until Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships! The starting lists for the open classes have been published a while ago – go check out if you are lucky to compete! If you are set to compete in more than one class, please check that they are not at the same time. You’ll find the timetable on our webpage at >Program.

If you want to drop one or more classes, please contact us immediately via email keppihevostensm@gmail.com. The due date for competition fees is 30 April!

It’s also a good time to start thinking about accommodation in Seinäjoki. Hotel Sorsanpesä has available rooms for a special price. Reserve your accommodation in time! More information at >Info >Accommodation at our webpage.

Kuva/Photo: Juuso Juhala
Muokkaus/Editor: Maikken