Halter qualifying

This year, official halters will compete in three classes

Classes this year are horses, ponies and the sockhorse class. The horse and pony classes are only open to self-made hobbyhorses, but the hobbyhorse class is open to all-made sockhorses.

Horses, ponies and stockhorse classes

Only horse breeds are accepted in the horses classes. Haflingers and Finnish small horses are considered horses in these shows.
Only pony breeds are accepted in the ponies category. Icelandic horses and fjord horses are considered ponies in these shows.
Both pony and horse breeds are accepted in the sockhorses class.

The winners of all show categories will be able to compete in the Best In Show ring for the title of the best horse in the show. It is therefore not possible to register separately for this category. All 3 horses will be placed in the show class.

The jury will be confirmed later.

Instructions and criteria for registration

Registration for the qualifiers starts on March 1, 2021 and ends on March 15, 2021. The results will be available 16.4.2021. Although the Halter Classes themselves compete live, in the Finnish Championships, the preliminary qualifiers take place online. Please note that when registering, the same horse cannot participate in other categories of the Finnish Championships, as it must be brought into the show ring during the competition to await its turn.

The following criteria are also required for the horse / participant;

  • Halters may state max. one horse per class.
  • A horse that has passed the qualifiers may no longer be modified for the show class itself.
  • The horse must represent some real horse breed and no crossbreeds or other stick animals will be included. Icelandic horses and fox horses are reported in the pony class, while haflingers and Finnish small horses are reported in the horse class.
  • Stallions must be at least 3 years old and mares 4 years old. Rune cannot be entered in show categories.

The same rules apply to qualifiers as to online halters in general. More information can be found on the association’s website.

Please note image requirements

Images must be at least 1000px wide and of good quality. Please look at the model examples in the pictures below. Just enter the name of the category you are aiming for in the title.

Send the following completed form, with the required pictures, to the following address: nayttelyt@skhhry.fi

Horses full name:
Horses breed:
Horses gender:
Horses age: 

From the qualifiers, best 20 horses in both the horse and pony classes and the 10 best sock horses in sock class will be selected, who will be able to compete for certificates and championship titles in the Finnish Championships on the spot.

The winners will be announced on the pages of the Finnish Championships on April 16, 2021. by. Those who pass the qualifiers will also be notified by e-mail, when they will receive an invoice for the participation fee and payment instructions.

Horses that have passed the qualifiers will be brought to the arena on the day of the Finnish Championships immediately in the morning (the schedule will be specified later). The horse receives a number tag and is then directed to its correct position in the show booth.

Note! Don’t leave equipment on the horse, not even a show harness, while it’s being judged. Equipment, as well as attached to a braided brush or other decoration, the horse will be discarded.