School accommodation

NOTE! COVID-19 situation can affect the organization of school accommodation. Information on the site is preliminary.

In connection with the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships, SKHH ry aims to organize school accommodation on friday to saturday 11.-12. june 2021 and saturday to sunday 12.-13. june .2021. Accommodation and more details will be announced closer to the competition. We will announce in the news as well as on social media when school accommodation will be booked!

We rent a thick air mattress for each guest, so there is no need to drag your own mattresses.

The school accommodation allows not only an affordable overnight stay in the competition venue, but also fun evening together with other hobbyhorse enthusiasts.

Guest class rooms can be divided into small groups, by gender, family, etc.

The actual competition day at Seinäjoki Arena is Saturday, June 12, 2021.

The location of the school accommodation will be announced later

The accommodation control phone number will be updated closer to the competition.

The age limit for unaccompanied residents is 12 years old. A person under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person at least 15 years old.

PLEASE NOTE: We will contact the parents of minors by phone both when checking in and out of the accommodation. This is why the guardian’s phone number, which the guardian can reliably catch, is very important!

The price of the accommodation and other details will be announced later. In previous years, the price has been approx. 24 €, which includes a simple porridge / cereal breakfast. Guests have access to changing rooms in the changing rooms and, of course, school toilets. Eating out and shops are within walking distance.

Each guest has a thick air mattress reserved, so it is not necessary to bring your own mattress.

Adult supervisors act as accommodation supervisors.

Accommodation is open to everyone, including parents of enthusiasts! The aim is to divide the guests into available space so that groups of friends can access the same space, as well as families. In addition, if necessary, a separate space is reserved for men.

Book school accommodation

Fill in one registration per stay, with a separate form for each night.

Hotel accommodation

Book your hotel in time! Summer weekends in Seinäjoki are full of events, so hotels can be full booked. You can find hotel, B&B and other accommodation options in Seinäjoki and the surrounding area on the Visit Seinäjoki website.