Register for competition classes

The competition fee covers the entrance to Seinäjoki Arena

The competition fee is 15 €, which also includes entrance to the Seinäjoki Arena. If luck favors and you get into more than one class, the entry fee is still 15 € / class, and no part of the entrance fee will be refunded. So: 1 class 15 euros, 2 classes 30 euros, 3 classes 45 euros, etc.

Competitors can register in as many classes as they want, but it is worth thinking about how many categories you can actually participate in and how many participation fees you can pay (15 € / category). Many of the classes run simultaneously in different fields and possibly in different halls. It is the competitor’s own responsibility to ensure that rider has time for each turn. If it goes tough, it may be fairer to hand over the right to participate in the less interesting class to the one in reserve, so as many as possible can compete!

Registration for Kür dressage

Registration for Kür dressage class is through qualifiers. Register for qualifiers can be found in Competitors > Qualifying.

Register for open classes is on 1st March to 14th April

Email us to if you want to compete! Don’t rush, everyone who registers between 1st March and 14th April has an equal chance to get a starting place.

Results of the draw for starting lists and reserve places will be announced on 16th April. Register for the classes you would like to compete in. There is no need to think about class schedules and overlaps yet. At the end of the registration period, we will draw the competition places and those who have been reserved for them among all those who have registered for that class.