In addition to the competition classes, the event will also see a different programs performed

In addition to the championships, on the day of the competition you will see several competition classes in show jumping, dressage and western. Registration for most of them is in advance.

Beside competition classes, various program numbers will also be seen at the event. Come and enjoy yourself!

The event includes a large sales area, where as many as 130 sellers were seen on 2019!

Organizing program numbers

There is also space for the enthusiasts own performances at the event! Would you perhaps like to present a cauldron with your team or introduce a lesser-known species in a this hobby, or do you have something completely new and different in mind?

If you are interested in arranging a program number on Saturday, June 11th, 2022, please contact us by email at In the message, state the name of your program number, a description of the program number, the contact information of the main organizer and the number of performers. If the presentation is short, please also indicate if it would be possible to present it twice. If your program number requires something special, be sure to mention it in the message as well. Audio playback can be found on the arena. Performers and other necessary equipment must be found by yourself.

Performers are considered assistants and have free admission to the competition.