Important dates

Yhteisön todentama ‑kuvake

Important dates:

7.12.2020 The search for Jumping Championship tryout hosts begins
1.1.–31.1.2021 Seller registrations
1.1.–23.5.2021 Jumping Championship tryouts
1.2.-29.3.2021 Dressage Championship and Kür class tryouts
14.2.2021 Deadline for paying seller registration fees
21.2.–14.3.2021 Possible follow-up registration for sellers
1.3.–15.3.2021 Hobbyhorse Show tryouts
1.3.–14.4.2021 Registration for open competition classes
28.3.2021 Deadline for paying follow-up seller registration fees
31.3.2021 Sellers’ last chance to cancel registration
16.4.2021 Open classes raffle results, lists of competitors and reserved competitors are published
16.4.2021 Hobbyhorse Show tryouts results
19.6.2021 Results are published

Announced later:
Start of ticket sales
Start of accommodation registration
Sign-up for voluntary workers

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