More than a hundred tables for sellers in large sales areas in Halls A and B.

Arena will have a sales area for over a hundred sellers! Sellers tables can be found in both Hall A and Hall B. Sellers tables of different sizes are available for enthusiasts, companies and associations.

Please reserve cash as a customer, as only some of the sellers have a card payment with them. You can find sales products in advance on Instagram under the tag #smmyynti22.

Seller tables reserved

MyyjäSellerMyyntipöydän numeroTable numberMaksuPayment
Windna Hobbyhorses
Kht Aamunkoitto & Kht Sammalkorpi
Ponitalli Celinette & Kht Tuulenhenki
Twisted Horns
Kht Marejen
Titania handmade
Kht Neliapila
JH keppariesteet
Anna's Hobbyhorses
Kisatalli Wifhals
Keppihevostalli Sevilla
Kht Kuunvalo
Maarit H.
Keppihevosten matkassa
Kht Kavioidenkopse
Mimesis Hobbyhorses
Kht Valkovuokko & Kht Lumihevonen
kht Kaikkienkaveri
Kht Semina
Kht Ratsukko
Hymyilevä Hevonen
Nemira Hobbyhorses & Thunderhoofhorses
Valmennustalli vuokko & casanponitalli
Kenttätalli Feronia
Kht Kesäniitty
Kht roar
Vaellustalli Kouta
Cherie Hobbyhorses
Gegen talli
Questa Hobbyhorses
Keppihevostalli Cecilia
Kht Karto
Tähtipöly & Kisatalli Raito
Kht Banditø
Raveniahorses & Kht Crecendo
ratsutila mesikämmen
keppihevostallli Andromeda
Kht Unelmatarha
Karkkipiste / T:mi Marjut Nieminen / Y-2769896-3
Kht Sydän
Merililjan talli
Johanna O.
Wind Horses
Kenttätalli Loiste
kht Happiness & kht Fravica
Silverstonen Keppihevoset & Corazon Hobbyhorses
Ratkiriemukkaan ja Hopialanka
Kht Melody
Mette S.
Erica S.
Arkkikauppa Saarinen & Haapala Ay
kht Gravel & @solku_art
Corazonin Keppihevostalli
kht Valletta & kht Havu
Kht Susa
Koulutalli Kimalainen
Kht Pikkutalli
Ponitalli Valona
Kht Tilda Aurora ja Kht Marmell
Cennet Hobbyhorses
Ratsutalli Calderia
Winner Horses
cinnamonnaofficial & Kht.hirnuturpa
Kht Star Horses (official)
Kht Espace
Kht Tuulenvire, Very Important horses & Kht Aamukaste
kht Havupolku

Sellers tables

There are a few different sizes of tables. Rent is paid for the table. All sales items and decorations must fit on and under the point of sale. Nothing should be placed on the fairways. Selling food is strictly prohibited. Sales activities may not be carried out outside paid sales outlets reserved for them. Pre-agreed exchange situations are permitted. Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships or SKHH ry are not responsible for trade between sellers and visitors.

Registration as a seller starts on 10 January 2022 and ends on 31 January 2022. Sellers tables are distributed in the order of registration. This year there are predetermined limited amount of tables available for every type of table, and every type of table has it’s own registration form. If the quota of one table type gets full, the registration for that table type will close automatically. The amount of each table available will be published at the latest when the registration starts. If the first registration does not fill all the places, further registration will be arranged from 21 February 2022 to 14 March 2022. The remaining tables for the event will be drawn among all subsequent entrants, as there are a limited number of tables.

Sellers who have got the table

Sellers who have received a table will be sent an invoice by e-mail with instructions for payment. Those who have had the table on the first registration must pay the invoice by 14 February 2022 and those who have had table in further registration must pay by 28 March 2022. If the sellers table has not been paid by the due date, the place is considered vacant. It is possible to cancel the table by 31 March, 2022, after which the money from the sellers table will not be refunded. In case of cancellation, please contact us by e-mail

Stand and company tables are primarily aimed at companies (including 4H) and enthusiast tables for private individuals.

Available tables and their prices:

  • Stand table 4 x 160cm x 80cm (150 €) (good location, ad on @keppihevosten_sm_kilpailut Instagram stories, 2 entrance tickets)
  • Company table 3 x 160cm x 80cm (100 €) (good location, ad on @keppihevosten_sm_kilpailut Instagram stories, 2 entrance tickets)
  • Big enthusiast table 3 x 130cm x 50cm (70 €) (includes 2 entrance tickets)
  • Enthusiast table 1 x 160cm x 80cm (50 €) (includes one entrance tickets)

Distribution of sellers table, assistants and arrival on competition day

Price for the smallest table (enthusiast table) includes a table, one chair and ticket for one (1) person. Potential assistants must purchase a spectator ticket separately when ticket sales open. The spectator ticket does not have the right to enter the Arena in advance.

Prices for large tables (big enthusiast, company and stand) include table, two chairs and ticket for two (2) people. In addition to the seller, one pre-announced assistant will be available at these locations. The pre-notified assistant receives a sales bracelet and thus enters at the same time as the seller.

If you share your sellers table, another seller must purchase and pay for a spectator ticket. The spectator ticket does not have the right to enter before the doors are opened. Carrying assistants for sellers will be allowed to enter with the seller, but they must leave before the doors open to the public, and they will not be allowed to visit the venue while they are carrying assistants. If they want to take part in the event, they must also buy a regular spectator ticket.

Sellers will be admitted to enter Arena around 8.30 am.

The sellers will enter the Arena on the day of the competition at about 8.30 am. Sellers can enter inside the dressage hall (Hall B). Prior to the actual opening of the competition, only pre-announced assistants and any short-term carrying assistance may enter the Arena. Sales areas open when first spectators enter. Prior to that, no queues may be formed on the sales desks. This is overseen by law enforcement officers and staff. When the doors open at 10 am, sellers and assistants are expected to sit in their own seats and receive customers.

If you have any questions about the tables, please contact us!