Kür-class qualifiers

The 15 finalists for the SM Kür-class are judged and chosen by video qualification. The rules and info for the preliminary qualification will be visible in the beginning of 2021. 


More info will be announced in 2021.




Showing Qualifiers  

Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships 2020 Seinäjoki

This year’s showings will be divided into two classes:


Hobbyhorses made by the owner himself/herself 

10 studs, 10 mares No geldings accepted

 Judged by Joey


Open class 

10 studs, 10 mares No geldings accepted Judged by Varja


We hold the rights to changes in the announced judges.





Registration for the classes will start 1st of March and close 1st of April. The results will be published 22th of April at the latest.


Although the showings will be performed live, the qualifiers for the classes take place online. The judges will receive photos via email in accordance with the instructions below and select the top 20 who will enter the competition category for the Finnish Hobby horse Championships. 


A friendly reminder before attending the showing classes: the horse participating in the show cannot compete in other classes! The horse must stay at the ring waiting for its turn to be judged.


The following criteria applies to all horses/attendants:


– one horse per attendant 

– a horse that passes the qualifiers will not be modified before the competition 

– a horse must represent a real breed. Mixed breeds or other stick animals cannot     participate in the showings 

– stallions must be at least 3 years old and mares at least 4 years old. Geldings cannot participate in the showings 

– horses made by the judge cannot be entered 

– if the horse has any equipment, a braided mane, or any decorations, it will be disqualified 

– the self-made exhibition class is for self-made horses only, and you cannot enter horses made by other people than yourself 

– the open class is open to both self-made and horses made by others


The same rules apply in the qualifiers and in the URL and IRL showings. For more info go to https://arkisto.skhhry.fi/backup/tietoa-nayttelyista/


Please take note of these instructions regarding the entry photos!


– minimum size for the photos is 1000px wide 

– photos must be clear and have good quality 

– photos of the horse from each side without the mane covering the neck

– a photo from in front of the horse 

– a photo with all of the mane showing 

– the horse must not wear any equipment 

– extra photos are very welcome!


Please write the class you wish to enter to the e-mail header.


Send the following form filled with the required photos to this address: nayttelyt@skhhry.fi







Horse’s Full name:








Qualified horses will be announced on our website 22th of April at latest. The attendants will also be informed by email with the invoice and payment instructions.


Qualified horses must be brought to the ring in the morning on the day of the event (more specific schedule will be announced as soon as possible) where they will receive a number tag and the judges will guide them to the show pens.