Sing up now!

Sing up now!

The sale of tickets for the Finnish HobbyHorse Championships AND registration as a competitor and seller has started!

The recent update in Gmail is causing challenges for our registration system. Due to the update, confirmation emails and invoices are not automatically sent to Gmail addresses. We’re doing our best to ensure that all sellers receive the invoice and confirmation email by Friday. Competitors will receive confirmation of their entry later, and we will provide more information as soon as possible. If you don’t see the message, please check your spam folder. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

You can find a link to the sale of tickets and more information on here or by searching directly at

The price of a spectator ticket is 17 €, to which the Tiket processing fee of 2.50 € is added. The purchased ticket is exchanged for a wristband upon entering the venue. The remaining tickets will be sold at the door for 20 €. However, we recommend buying tickets in advance, because there may not be enough surplus tickets for everyone.

Family tickets are available at the door, which includes 2 over 25 and 1-3 under 15 access to the games. The price for a family ticket is 67 € and you can only buy it at the door.
Registration as a competitor and a seller takes place via separate forms. You can also find forms and additional information about registration on our website. The competition fee is 30 € , which also includes access to Seinäjoki Arena.

See you again next summer!