The Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships will be cancelled for this year, and will be moved to the year 2022

The Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships will be cancelled for this year, and will be moved to the year 2022

The organisation of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships in June does not seem possible at the moment. Together with the Board of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association and the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships producing team, we have made a decision to move the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships to next year, the summer 2022. Due to the Coronavirus situation, we don’t think we can organise enough health-safe event.

We are all disappointed. But we want to make this decision early, so we don’t mess up our visitors’ summer holiday plans badly. The date for next year will be released later this spring.

This year we will organize a virtual event to substitute for the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships. There will be multiple activities: virtual competition classes, sales event and different shows and performances. These will be held either in live or pre-recorded video form. More information about the virtual event and registering for it will be available next week on our association’s account @skhh_ry, so stay tuned!

The Board of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association @skhh_ry
The Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships Committee


Sales charges: The vendors may either ask for the payment to be refunded or to be preserved for the next year. If you choose to leave the payment for us to wait until the next year, you will have a reservation for the same kind of table as you originally were going to have during this year’s championships. In this case you also get a free vending place in the virtual sales event. In case you want a refund and to cancel your reservation, contact with the following information:

  • the name that the reservation was made with
  • your bank account number
  • the name of the account owner

Visitor tickets: Unused tickets for the 2020and 2021 events also work for the event next year, so you might save it for that. If you still want to return the ticket and get a refund, you can look up the information on (Info / Buying tickets / Returning tickets). You cannot refund the tickets through our association.